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When I found out about Cardio Miracle and saw the research supporting its ability to raise nitric oxide levels, I knew I’d found an easy way for everyone to enjoy the health benefits of increased nitric oxide levels.  I’ve been recommending it ever since, and I take it daily myself to support my immune system. It’s crucial to have a robust immune system. This supplement is a game changer!
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Nitric Oxide research was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998. With over 170,000 published studies, Nitric Oxide is the most researched molecule in the human body.  It has been called the essential third gas with oxygen and carbon dioxide in the cell.

Your endothelium produces Nitric Oxide when stimulated by L-Arginine and L-Citrulline and nitrite containing vegetables (beets, arugula, kale, spinach and others).

Nitric Oxide supports healthy blood flow, blood pressure,  and maximizes blood oxygenation, thus promoting healthy cell replication.  Abnormal cells, created by imbalances of oxygen and carbon dioxide, can lead to immune system dysfunction, respiratory tissue damage, tumor development and many other chronic diseases. 

Generally, you produce enough bioavailable Nitric Oxide well into your 20's and early 30's.  During your 30's your body's ability to naturally produce Nitric Oxide diminishes as a result of highly processed foods, environmental toxins, polluted air and water, GMO's, pesticides, herbicides, toxic medications, genetics, and STRESS.

Cardio Miracle is your Complete Nitric Oxide Solution.  It is specifically formulated to instantly  stimulate and extend therapeutic Nitric Oxide for up to 24 hours ... more than twice as long as any other supplement.  With over 50 anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients, Cardio Miracle gives you the best Nitric Oxide production and nutrient absorption you can buy in each delicious serving. 

"Cardio Miracle is the ONLY supplement my wife and I take every day. The formula is superior to anything I have ever seen in the market. Cardio Miracle is a critical part of my prevention efforts to fight genetics and the stress and challenges of life."

Dr. Brad Nelson - Author,  "The Emotion Code"

"I was introduced to Cardio Miracle several years ago while at Hippocrates Institute. Having been trained as a biochemist at Harvard and Cambridge I was skeptical, but I personally saw significant improvements in my health. I take it every day and recommend to fellow professionals and patients."

     Dr. Joshua Helman - Emergency Medicine Physician

"I was recommended to Cardio Miracle several years ago. My personal results have been remarkable in many areas. I am going strong at age 88, with Cardio Miracle contributing greatly to my health and my ability to continue my busy schedule. I highly recommend."

     G. Edward Griffin - Author of "World without Cancer" and "The Creature from Jekyll Island"


Italian researchers discovered blood flow diminishes 10% for every decade your live,  starting at approximately 30 years of age.

As you age your blood pressure rises because Nitric Oxide production diminishes with every passing decade.

When Nitric Oxide levels diminish blood flow slows down.  Your oxygen deprived blood starves your organs and other tissues of nutrients they need to remain healthy.

This is why sluggish blood flow is a common denominator to all chronic inflammatory diseases, including diabetes, stoke, alzheimer's, parkinson's, cancer, and auto-immune diseases.  

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As we age, we lose 85% of our ability to make Nitric Oxide
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L-Arginine is an amino acid that plays a critical role in the functioning of the body. In addition to helping the body make protein, it is used to make nitric oxide. L-Arginine also stimulates the production of creatine which helps muscle contract.

L-Citrulline is a precursor to arginine in the body. L-Citrulline converts to L-Arginine which then converts to Nitric Oxide. 

Astragin™ is a proprietary ingredient that holds a US patent for "method for enhancing nutrient absorption." Astragin™ has been shown to support increased L-Arginine absorption by 67% and L-Citrulline absorption by 45% - as well as minerals and vitamins.

VItamin D3 is an essential fat-soluble vitamin, sometimes called the sunshine vitamin. It plays a role in calcium and phosphorus balance important in bone health, and nerve and muscle activity.

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient for the body, and is needed to protect DNA and RNA, support energy, protect nerve and brain cells, stimulate serotonin production, support digestion, and support immune function.

Turmeric supports the body's immune system. This miracle root supports Cardio Miracle's Nitric Oxide boosting ingredients.. 


"I've been doing triathlons for 15 years. I've been taking Cardio Miracle for about four or five years. From the first time I took it, I felt an immediate difference in my endurance. I felt better oxygen uptake, and the ability to keep pushing through a workout. I just love the product."

- Clark Bayles, Triathlete

"I had experienced a debilitating concussion, exercise and physical therapy were hard on my brain until I started taking Cardio Miracle before a workout. I had an immediate result! Not only could I exercise, my head began feeling better and my overall health improved! Cardio Miracle has been the catalyst for my healing, thank you Cardio Miracle."

- Marci Campbell, PH.D.

I want to heal from the damage I've done to myself playing football my whole life. I've had great results from Cardio Miracle. My RECOVERY IS BETTER and my overall health. When I looked into it more and realized what it did, I KNEW this was something I wanted to have my loved ones on.

- Jason Buck, Retired College Football All-American, Superbowl Champion


Why haven't I heard more about nitric oxide?

Nitric Oxide was discovered less than 35 years ago, and its benefits were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998. Nitric Oxide is stimulated by arginine, other amino acids, green vegetables, and exotic fruits. The pharmaceutical industry has produced Viagra, and other synthetic nitric oxide stimulants. Over 150,000 clinical studies validate nitric oxides importance, and yet the medical community hasn't connected the dots of how effective supplements can stimulate nitric oxide.

What is the difference between nitric oxide boosters using arginine versus just beets?

The Nobel Prize research and over 95% of the Nitric Oxide research has been based on amino acids like arginine and citrulline to stimulate Nitric Oxide. Beets have a short nitric oxide life and uses a secondary pathway. Our premise is that extended arginine, effective citrulline, beet root powder, hawthorn berry, grape seed extract, and Astragin a nitric oxide extending ingredient is the most effective 24-hour delivery of nitric oxide. Arginine or beets alone, is not nearly as effective in delivering the healing aspects of Nitric Oxide.

Does Cardio Miracle cost more than other online nitric oxide products?

At face value it does. Price versus cost is always an important qualification of value to the consumer. You often get what you pay for with products and services. Cardio Miracle uses the finest organic and natural ingredients when possible and has over 40 additional ingredients to support its proprietary dual pathway Nitric Oxide delivery. It also delivers antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and other ingredients to assist the body’s ability to heal itself. Cardio Miracle’s money back guarantee on results and even blood work is second to none. In addition, Cardio Miracle is the only Nitric Oxide product that has been clinically proven to create Nitric Oxide at the cellular level in the laboratory of Professor Tadeusz Malinski at the University of Ohio.

How much should I take each day?

The recommended daily dose is one serving twice a day. For best results it should not be directly combined with protein. For people looking for faster results with specific health issues, or participating in strenuous activity, they can double up and take more servings as needed. Any excess delivery of Nitric Oxide or other ingredients will be safely eliminated by the body.

Will Cardio Miracle help with my athletic performance and even my personal sexual health?

Cardio Miracle delivers additional blood flow, oxygen, and its numerous nutrients at the cellular level. It also supports the lymphatic contractions in the system for recovery more rapidly from strenuous activity.

Sexual intimacy drugs draw upon the body’s nitric oxide to produce sexual performance and then leave the body depleted of important Nitric Oxide. Cardio Miracle increases Nitric Oxide naturally, and replenishes, making it a healthier alternative than the arousal drugs and their side effects.


  • Boosts Immune Response
  • Defends Against Flu/Virus
  • Fights Inflammation
  • Improves Circulation
  • Supports Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Assist in Reducing Pain from Chronic Illness